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HTML5 Application development tool for All platforms from Intel XDK

Hi all,

Intel’s entire platform in accordance with HTML 5 as I started to test the developed applications publishing tool. Though I’m new to is a very successful tool is a fact. We really for front-end developers a very successful tool as HTML 5 you have built an application or game can be anything. Knowing the Objective C for IOS or Android for Java etc, you do not need this tool to know the software might say that I think you could say I’m wrong. That you can write your opinions in the comments. I saw this tool to develop a HTML5 apps etc. Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Chrome App, FireFox App, Facebook App, etc. According to the platform, you can put the shops by compiling. Now that’s it for now for the new started learning new information, I’ll be sharing with you here, but I can learn.

By downloading the application from Intel’s site you can try. Link

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