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ios8 Sharepoint 2010 Global Navigation Distortion Problem Solution

Hi all, ios8 update with SharePoint 2010, I’m going to tell you a lot to solve a problem I encountered and I was forced. The reason for iPad and iPhone devices in difficulty in deciphering the chrome was the lack in development tool. Personal computers are the iPad etc in chrome mode device mode like in the iPad and iPhone devices, however, have a problem in finding the solution for failing the reaction really traumatized, until yesterday:) this issue with a cool head again yesterday while researching on Google or brothers they added a nice plug-in development tool, of course, I knew the new explore it. Emulation tab, under Select the operating system from the user agent Spoofing to act as a real device, say they know the way we provide. After that, a little jQuery and css it’s settled, I’d say. 🙂

First of all, the following script to your project, you must add a script file or a masterpage.

$ (document). ready (function () {if (navigator.userAgent.match (/(iPad | iPhone | iPod touch);.* CPU. * OS 8_ d/I)) {$ ('. ms-alignleft '). addClass (' ios8 '); $ ('. ios8 span: eq (0) '). addClass (' ios8_1 ');}});

This with the script which uses the operating system of the device iPad or iPhone to check if ios8 is an improvement which will provide our Global navigation in corruption, we will add to this class to div class and we write the following css styles. I recommend using a script called Browserselect. Because what we’re going to write just the css class to be available in the iPad and iPhone I use script to < a href = "" >from here you can reach.

. ipad. ms-alignleft, iphone. ms-alignleft {height: 50px;}. ipad. ms-topnav, iphone. ms-topnav {float: left;}. ipad. ios8_1,. ios8_1 {display: none;} ... iphone ipad. nav_home img, iphone. nav_home img {margin-top:-3px; height: 45px;}

I hope you can help in.

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